Pioneer, by J.B. O'hara

Here is an Australian poem from the 1890s by J.B O'Hara:


Wild wastes of wildest seas by winds upcurled,
The Cape of Storms to bar their dauntless way,
Strange perils at the portals of our bay
When first the flag of England was unfurled;
And now the strength of Britons boldly hurled
Against dark battlements of wilds that lay
In dim magnifence from Time's first day,
And lo! the cosmic thrill of a new world!

What words august for those brave hearts of old,
What song supreme to shrine their deathless deeds,
What monumental memory to rear?-
Sufficeth they will live in sons as bold
That still shall scatter o'er the world the seeds
Whose harvest swells from ripening year to year.

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